If you are invited to attend an assessment for VIP Flight Attendant position in the Middle East, know that there are certain essential information you need to review and practice in advance to ace the recruitment process.

TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL- Advance Proper Preparation is the KEY.


When you attend an assessment, you will only have less than 30 seconds to make a good first impression and once that impression is made, you have virtually no chance of changing it in the time frame of an interview. Therefore, you must present appropriately to the situation at hand. Your grooming must be impeccable, for it reflects your level of professionalism and interest to get the job. Pay attention to the slightest details on your grooming: from the tip of your hair, your makeup, smile and dental hygiene, fingernails, body odor, etc.

You must also wear the appropriate dress code that reflects the image of the airline you are applying for. You have to look smart and immaculate. Not paying attention to these details will have a negative impact on you. You must maintain a spotless image of yours throughout the whole process, as you will be constantly observed and rated.


Unlike the high number of participants for the Assessments in the commercial airlines in the Middle East (such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad), VIP airline recruiters will invite far less of the aspiring VIP flight attendant to join the assessment day.

An average of ten to fifteen applicants will be invited to join the assessment process. Expect that you will be competing with mostly experienced flight attendant applicants. Some may have experienced working for a VIP airline already, but that does not guarantee a job offer. Each applicant will be carefully assessed accordingly. No matter how much years of experience you have, you must have the necessary preparation to ace the assessment center.

The recruiters normally set the bar high when it comes to the requirements, thus enabling them to select only the best applicant who can: execute and deliver excellent customer service, highest safety and service standards onboard, treat customers with the utmost respect.

The recruiters will carefully determine an applicant’s capabilities and competencies. Your current competencies are built from your knowledge, skills, past experience and behaviors. These are the determinants of your job success in the role of a VIP flight attendant


An assessment for a VIP flight attendant can last up to a whole day. Therefore, you must take a proper rest the night before. You may also bring with you some snacks and a drink in case refreshments will not be served.


Having an idea about the assessment process will give you an advantage and confidence; thus significantly increasing your chance of being selected for the job. The assessment process may vary from airline to airline. The recruiters will assess your suitability for the job. It is crucial that you show them you fit the profile. You need to display your capabilities in having the right skills, products and service knowledge, personality traits and attributes of a VIP flight Attendant throughout the whole process.

Stage 1: Introduction

You will be required to deliver a quick introduction about yourself. Be concise and tactful. Your body language must convey confidence.

Stage 2: Height and Weight Measurement
The recruiters may get your height and weight measurement. Some recruitment team is very strict regarding this policy, thus you have to ensure that you must meet the height requirement. Your weight has to be proportion to your height.

Stage 3: Written Examination 
A written examination about the basic service and product knowledge may be given. Familiarize yourself about caviar service, common Arabic dish, basic galley management, etc. Some questions may include but not limited to the type of operation of the company, top management, information about the country, etc.

Menu Order Knowledge
Some recruiters may ask you to write a MENU Sample. You may use this when having a menu dialogue with the recruiters during the Role Play stage. In various small private airline companies, the catering order is the responsibility of the flight attendant. Therefore, it is necessary that you have the basic knowledge in Menu Order. Ensure that you prepare a menu sample for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, for you will never know what type of menu the recruiters will ask you. Your choices of meal example have to be exceptional.

Stage 4: Role Play 


The recruiters may engage you in a role play in which you will be required to have a simulation dialogue with them as high-ranking VIP or members of the Royal Family. They may ask you to offer the menu you prepared.

Familiarize the selections on the menu so that you will not stutter or worst, forget the items whilst having your menu dialogue  with them. Don’t be nervous to interact. Be tactful and confident and don’t forget to smile. It is important that you use the Proper Service Language.

• If the recruiters are sitting down, you have to crouch down so you can speak to them in the eye level; thus, showing them high regards of respect.
• Address the recruiters correctly by using the right protocol: if they are pretending to be royal family, address them with your Royal Highness.
• Introduce yourself and that you are delighted to offer them a wonderful selection of meals

• Offer a selection of beverage/wine for each course.
• Confirm the order by repeating it in a correct sequence.
• Informed the recruiters that you will have the table set soon.

Remember to be flexible and think outside the box because you never know what you might get during the  role play

Stage 5 : Practical Assessment


Your product knowledge, service skills and confidence in the service routine will be the key points for an excellent VIP Service.
Laying up the table is a common requirement in which the recruiters will ask you during the practical assessment. They will be able to measure your level of competence and confidence in your service delivery, product knowledge, and customer service skills.

Before you do anything, find out for how many guests you need to prepare a layup for. There will be a lot of equipment available for you to use, such as: glassware, silverware, etc. Take a look at the equipment carefully and plan well.

Place all the equipment and items on a silver tray and organize it. If a silver tray linen is available, lined the tray. The equipment you will need are the following: side plate, butter knife, table napkin salt and pepper shaker, water glass, wine glass, fork, knife, spoon, napkin ring and bread basket(if available).

• You need to make sure that you have all the correct equipment and items which you will need for the table layup before you begin.
• If white gloves are available, wear it just before you start your layup.
• Don’t forget to line the table with table cloth.
• Place the correct equipment in the correct sequence.
• Pay attention to the symmetry when you place your glassware, silverware, and plates. If you are laying up on the opposite side of the table, it should mirror the other side.
• Minimize the movement.
• You need to address the recruiters properly.
• Do the lay-up as if you are in a real situation.
• You must remember that you are being well observed and rated on every movement and details , the way you place the equipment in the right positions, your grace, confidence and posture.
• Don’t rush because you might forget things. 
• You may also be asked about wines and other beverages to compliment the food you are offering; therefore, familiarize yourself.
• Practice doing a full course first class table layup before you go for an assessment; this will give you more confidence
• The recruiters might try to involve you in conversation while you are laying up the table. Be attentive on both tasks and don’t lose sight of the final look of your table, which must be perfect!


The recruiters might ask you to present or open a wine bottle. They will try to measure your wine knowledge.

Below are the wine service etiquette:

How to present a wine?
• Always present the bottle with the label facing the guest.
• Ask if he/she would like to taste first
• Fill a little bit more than the bottom of the glass with wine and present the bottle again  during the tasting process

How to pour wine?

  • Wine must be poured slowly towards the center of the glass.
  • The glass should be filled only to slightly below the widest section of the glass (usually less than half of a glass), so that the guest can swirl the wine without the risk of spillage
  • Finish pouring the wine tilting the tip of the bottle upwards and slightly rotating your hand  so that the wine will not drip.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the type of wines available so that you can make  recommendations in relation to the meal you serve.


Silver Service is a method of food service. It includes serving food at the table and a technique of transferring food, by using Serving Spoon and Forks from a serving dish to the guest’s plate. During the meal service on board a VIP aircraft, the foods are often offered and placed on top of the trolley for the guests to see the selection. Therefore when offered to the guest, silver service is done when transferring food from the casserole to the plate. Every guest is served individually and counterclockwise. The main guest will be served first.

Tips:  Practice doing a silver service before joining a VIP assessment if you are not very good at it.


Manners of addressing is the correct addressing of the guests according to their role. It is very important that you use the proper way of addressing your guests during the role play. This will mean that you are paying attention and that you have the utmost respect for them. If the recruiter is pretending to be a queen, then you need to address her “Your majesty” during the role play. To learn more about the proper way of addressing VIP’s, click here.


The recruiters may ask you to do an Arabic Coffee Service as a part of the welcome service. 
In the Middle Eastern region, Arabic Coffee is the traditional welcome hospitality for the guests. The correct etiquette in serving the coffee are the following;

The Dallah is the name for the coffee pot with a long spout.
Finjan is the small coffee cup.

How to serve:
• You must always hold the Dallah using your left hand and finjans ( coffee cups) on your right hand.
• Pour the coffee into the finjan, only filling up around 1/4 of the cup while standing in front of the guest and serve it. (In the Middle East, it is considered disrespectful and impolite if you fill up the cup.)
• Maintain a respectable distance from the guest who is being served to avoid any spillage
• The dates are served along with the coffee as sugar is not part of the ingredients.

• Offer the Arabic Coffee and dates to all the guests because it is considered rude and a violation of the hospitality if you will overlook someone.
• If the guest shakes the finjan, this means that he wants some more coffee.

Stage 6: Group Activity

Group interviews, exercises and activities look at how you work with other people, in particular, examining your initiative, communication, influencing and teamwork skills. The recruiters will observe each applicant for the following: 
• to partake in activity geared towards a team outcome
• responsible for own actions and is aware
• considerate and empathetic to the feelings and needs of others
Be proactive and positive during the group activity. Listen very well to the tasks required.

During this stage, a various scenario may be given by the recruiter’s for the group to discuss. Below are some examples:
• A photo will be given to you to set up a full trolley, the team members should be able to set up the trolley according to what’s required for a limited time. Make sure that each member will participate and tasks will be delegated
• Sample Scenario: A high celebrity profile passengers, along with their children will be flying with your airline today. There are specific demands requested by the Personal Assistant for the passengers. As a group, how can you make the flight unforgettable for passengers?

Stage 7: Final Interview

You will be interviewed by specialist recruiters who have had years of relevant experience and all of who come from varying and diverse backgrounds. Also, a certified psychologist who has expertise in recruitment may also be present.

Assessments can vary, however, this is a general guide as to how a VIP Cabin Crew assessment is done in the Middle East based on the experienced of our team members who did join several assessments process. We all hope that this blog will help you understand the process and will ultimately give you an insight as to what happens behind the VIP Flight Attendant assessment center. We all wish you the best of luck.

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