Height is an essential factor in selecting flight attendants. Airlines worldwide impose strict height requirements for legal and safety reasons, which must be met by all candidates who apply for the job. In this article, we will explore the significance of the height requirement for flight attendants and understand why it is crucial for airlines to impose such strict regulations in this regard.

The Importance of Height in Flight Attendants:

The primary responsibility of a flight attendant is to ensure the safety of passengers on board. Flight attendants are required to undergo extensive training in safety and emergency procedures for specific types of aircraft, first aid training, food safety, service etiquette, and procedures, among others, before being licensed as a flight attendant. Therefore, a flight attendant must be mentally and physically fit to perform the job.

Physically, height is an essential requirement because it enables flight attendants to access safety and emergency equipment quickly during normal and emergency situations. These equipment are usually located in overhead bins, cupboards, dog houses, etc. Flight attendants must be able to reach and handle these items without difficulty, especially during times of turbulence, which can cause sudden aircraft movements that can pose a significant risk to passengers and crew.

Moreover, flight attendants are responsible for opening and closing overhead bins and keeping them closed for pre-takeoff, during the flight, and before landing for safety reasons. By ensuring that the overhead bins are secured, flight attendants prevent luggage from falling out of the bins, which can cause harm to passengers.

The height requirement for flight attendants varies across different airlines globally.

Weight in proportion to height is also a requirement for flight attendants.


In summary, the height requirement for flight attendants is crucial in ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers during air travel. Flight attendants must be able to handle safety and emergency equipment with ease, close and secure overhead bins, and perform their duties without difficulty. Therefore, it is essential for airlines to enforce strict height regulations when selecting candidates for the job. By doing so, they can ensure that passengers receive the highest level of safety and comfort while traveling.

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