Name: Meghan Riley

Instagram: _megsrx

Airline: Gulf Air (Bahrain)

Why did you become a Flight Attendant?

I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant since being a little girl, I went to college and studied Travel and Tourism & Cabin Crew. I have always loved traveling and meeting new people, it’s the perfect job for me!

The best thing about being a Flight Attendant and why?

Traveling to new destinations you wouldn’t even dream of going and meeting new people from all over the world / learning about new cultures.

Name 5 Favorite Travel Destinations.

LA, San Francisco, Vegas, Manila, Ibiza (Out of the ones I have traveled to so far I’ve only been flying for 2 months)

Things that you have accomplished being an FA:

Definitely being more independent and confident in myself, leaving family and friends back at home at 21 years old wasn’t as easy as I thought, but it’s amazing being able to catch a flight to see them or them visit me whenever they like.

What are the lessons you learned being a Flight Attendant?

How different over cultures are compared to mine ( I’m English) and it’s amazing to see how other people live across the world.

Tell us your story on how you started as a Flight Attendant.

As I mentioned I studied at college then gained some customer service background in my previous jobs. I have always wanted to work in the Middle East for my first airline and I knew you had to be 21 years old to apply, soon as I have seen the opportunity to apply once I was 21 I did exactly that and here I am!

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