We are featuring our first Flight Attendant in this month of November. Her name is Megan and she is from the Virgin Atlantic.


Name: Megan Meeke

Instagram: @missmmeeke

Airline: Virgin Atlantic

Why did you become a Flight Attendant?

My passion is to travel the world and the job fits perfectly with it.

The best thing about being a Flight Attendant and Why?

I love helping people and meeting new faces from all over the world.

Name Your 5 Favorite Travel Destinations:

New York, Montego Bay, St Lucia, Barbados, Orlando.

What was your most unforgettable moment working as an FA?

I did CPR on a passenger mid-flight. From that experience, I learned a lot about myself and life skills.

How did you start as a Flight Attendant?

I’ve always wanted to be a Flight Attendant and when the opportunity came up I had to take it. I always worried I will be too short so I practiced stretching before my assessment day! (Great tip aspiring cabin crew who are not so tall, practice your arm reach days before your assessment.)

Follow her on Instagram @missmmeeke

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