As a cabin crew applicant, you want your portfolio to stand out and catch the recruiters’ attention. One key way to achieve this is by submitting a photo that is impeccable and meets the minimum requirements for a flight attendant job.

Image is everything in this industry, and your photo is often the first point of contact with the recruiters. To make a great impression, send a high-quality photo that is taken by a professional in a studio with a neutral background. Avoid photos with unprofessional backgrounds like painted walls and tiled floors. When in doubt, consult a professional.

To enhance your photo quality, slight editing is recommended. However, avoid going overboard with editing, as the recruiters should still be able to recognize you in person.

For females, wear a business attire suit with a skirt and a neutral-coloured blouse, avoiding revealing clothing and short skirts. For males, wear a suit, shirt, and tie, and ensure that the suit complements your figure.

Correct posture is essential. Stand straight with your shoulders back, look straight at the camera, and keep your head level. Keep your hands relaxed and visible at your side.

Your makeup should be elegant, neutral, and complementary to your beauty, avoiding heavy or unnatural looks. Neat and impeccable hair is essential. Women should tie their hair up if it’s long, while men should have a clean and appropriate haircut.

Accessories should be simple, and bulky or excessive jewelry and eyeglasses should be avoided. Shoes should be well-polished, clean, and appropriate for your attire.

Finally, smile confidently, as a genuine and happy smile is a reflection of how you feel inside. Think of happy memories to help you smile naturally and confidently, and remember to show your great smile.

Remember, an impeccable photo and a well-structured CV that sell your skills, personality, and experience are your ticket to your dream job. By following these guidelines, you can create the perfect cabin crew photo that will catch the recruiters’ attention and stand out from thousands of other applicants.

Photo Credits to Emirates


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