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Airline: British Airways

Tell us your story on how you became a Flight Attendant.

I started flying 14 years ago for a short-haul company out of Newcastle then went to Virgin Atlantic for nearly ten years and then did a 6-month long haul Norwegian and then went direct entry as a senior at British Airways just over a year ago. From a child, I loved flying. I used to collect the amenity packs, anything I could to do with the flights I had been on holiday. I knew I’ve always wanted to do this job.

What do you like the most working as a Flight Attendant?

The best thing for me is seeing the world obviously and meeting new people and the fact that no day is the same I could never be stuck in an office.

Tell us your 5 most favorite places to travel.

My 5 favorite places, Vegas, Bahamas, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mauritius. There’s so many more though!!

What are your hobbies and interest?

My hobbies include going to the gym regularly and reading. I’m also a shopaholic. I also love socializing with friends and spending time with my family when I’m not flying.

We heard that you’re a Boss Babe Flight Attendant. Tell us more about your business.

I run a global skincare, beauty and health business called NUSKIN. The company specializes in anti-aging genetic-based science and slowing down the aging process. I have done this alongside flying for over 3 years now. I have a strong client base and team and we operate in 50 counties worldwide so I am always looking for new people to do business with and looking to help people earn an extra income. To all the people who are interested in this industry and want to earn some additional income, you may get in touch with me at

What is your message to aspiring Flight Attendants?

I would say to people who want to become crew, be yourself, let your personality shine!! Believe in yourself and have big goals. Get as much experience working in customer service faced roll also like all the airlines I have worked for always ask about times I have dealt with customers in my interviews and for all safety is our number one priority the customer is at the heart of every airline.

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