Would you like the recruiters to take a moment and look at your portfolio when they received your application for the Cabin Crew job? If you want the airline’s recruiters to read through your CV, you must get their attention by sending them a photograph that will stand amongst the other photos from hundreds of thousands of aspiring cabin crew applicants. Read our Cabin Crew photo guideline to help you achieve success in your application.

You may overlook the importance of having an impeccable photo, but the recruiters will definitely take notice.  For example, on many occasion, our recruitment team had received thousands of CV’s from experienced Flight Attendants for a job opening. Unfortunately, many had sent photographs that were poorly done.

No matter how much experienced you have, if your photograph is poorly made, rest assure that your chance of being selected for a job interview will be lesser.

Image is very important in the airline industry. The Cabin crew is the brand of the airline and they must live up to the airline’s standards. Of course, an impeccable image is just one of the other many facets that cabin crew must display and possess.

We are writing to this article to give you tips and tricks on how to create the perfect and impeccable photographs that will ultimately get the recruiter’s interest to invite you for an assessment and interview. Remember, an impeccable photograph along with a well-structured CV that sells your skills, personality and experienced is your ticket to your dream job.

1. Invest in your Photographs- HD Quality and Must Be Taken By a Professional

Your photograph speaks a thousand words about you. Through it, the recruiters can determine how much effort you made and how badly you want the job. It is important to remember that, your photo is the first point of contact with the recruiters. To make a great impression, send them a photograph that is of high-quality, and taken in a studio. The background should be neutral –preferably white, unless if specified otherwise by the airline.

Avoid sending photos where the background is your painted wall and tiled floors, that doesn’t look professional at all.

2. Make Your Photo Flawless

Slight editing that will help you create your desired quality of the photo is recommended. Don’t overdo it though to a point where the recruiters will not be able to recognize you in person.

3. Wear The Right Dress Code

Your photograph is your investment in getting your dream job. Wear a high-quality suit which has the same color and textile. For females, we recommend that you wear a suit with a skirt. Wear a decent blouse with a neutral color such as white, gray, off white, etc. Avoid wearing revealing clothing and a very short skirt.

For male, we recommend that you wear a suit, shirt and tie.

4.    Stand Tall And Be Confident

Have the correct body posture when your photo is taken. Stand straight,  and shoulders back. Look straight at the camera and don’t tilt your head up or down. Your hands should be relaxed and visible on the side.

5.  Use Makeup To Enhance Your Beauty  

Wear makeup that compliments your beauty. It should look elegant, neutral and fits the purpose. Avoid wearing too heavy makeup.

6.    Have an Impeccable Grooming

Your hair-style should look neat and impeccable. For women, we recommend that your hair should be tied up, if it’s long, to be in the safe side. Not only will you look immaculate but also professional. For men, we recommend having a nice hair cut before your photograph is taken. We also recommend that men should shave beard and mustache.

7.    Wear Simple Accessories

Less is more. when it comes to taking your Cabin Crew Photo and even joining Cabin Crew Assessment. Wear simple design pair of stud earrings. Do not wear eyeglasses and excessive and bulky jewelry. Plain and simple is the most ideal.

8.    Wear Clean, Polished Shoes

Your shoes should be well polished, clean and has the appropriate design that suits your attire. For females, we recommend that you avoid wearing open toe shoes and flat shoes. We recommend a formal shoes for men.

9.    Smile Confidently

They say that a genuinely happy smile is a reflection of how you feel inside. Therefore, when you smile for your photo shoot, think of a memory that makes you happy. Only then your smile will look natural and more confident. Moreover, your eyes will smile along with your lips. Remember to show your great smile.

An Example of Cabin Crew Photo Guidelines of Emirates

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