It might be like a usual appearance for the average traveler that does not give it a second thought, but, the aisle is their runway. Flight Attendants are the living images of the airlines which you can see on advertisements, billboards, and promotional material. They are styled by the biggest names in the fashion industry like Hermes, Pierre Balmain, John Fluevog, Martin Grant and many more. The Cabin Crew are always looking perfect from head to toe – with no exceptions. They keep you safe, comfortable and cozy during the flight. And last but not least, no matter how tired they are during a flight, they always smile and are ready the help you with your request in a heartbeat. These are dear ladies and gentlemen the CABIN CREW- the tireless backbone force and face of every commercial and private airline.


Always fresh, perfectly styled and dressed, they know that when they wear their uniform and go to work, all eyes will be turned on them. Most of us just startle at them and are amazed at how they could have managed to defy all the laws of physics and still look as amazing at the end of a long flight as they did in the beginning, taking into consideration jet lag, pressurized cabin, challenging work, irregular reporting time and working hours, and many more. Well, the beauty of the flight attendants comes from a combination of inner force, determination, dedication and of course natural beauty. We believe that this combination of features is what really makes them stand out.


In this feature, our committee of judges has handpicked the top 100 most passionate, determined, dedicated and naturally beautiful flight attendants out of thousands of candidates. These flight attendants may come from different airlines and wear different uniforms, but the thing that unites them is the hard work, respect, genuine smile and the heart to serve and make their passengers safe and happy. 

Our Flight Attendant Club team is very proud to present to you below the most beautiful flight attendants of 2019. The entries are in no particular order since the beauty we talked about above cannot be scaled nor compared.

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